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Essential Body Oils

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Just Coco Essentials Body Oils contain popular essential oils blended in pure virgin coconut oil.  Buy 3 or more and pay only $4.25 each!

All the natural goodness of antibacterial and antioxidant rich virgin coconut oil to moisturize and massage with the bonus of an effective 3% blend of essential oil: stimulating eucalyptus, calming lavender, relaxing lemongrass, refreshing peppermint and clarifying tea tree

Aromatherapy with essential oils can offer added benefits.  These essential oils have been found to be helpful in many ways:

  • Eucalyptus- respiratory problems, tension headaches, snoring and repels insects
  • Lavender- anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, skin irritations and sunburn
  • Lemongrass-  muscle aches, arthritis, unbalanced acne-prone skin and repels insects
  • Peppermint- indigestion, fatigue, respiratory problems, arthritis and cold sores
  • Tea Tree- acne prone skin, respiratory problems and cold sores

It is normal for virgin coconut oil to solidify below 65-70ºF (18-21ºC). It will liquefy on your skin or when the container is put in a warm place.  Virgin coconut oil is white as a solid and water-clear as a liquid.  There may be slight color differences between different Essentials Body Oils due to the essential plant oils used.

1oz plastic pump bottle

Intended for topical use only on skin, hair and nails.