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Original Virgin Coconut Body Oil

$4.00 - $7.50
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Just Coco Original Virgin Coconut Body Oil is a tropical vacation in a bottle and the key ingredient in our Just Coco products! 

This is where it all started!  Just Coco's Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect moisturizer and massage oil that also nourishes skin, hair, and nails.  Enjoy this easily absorbed oil with a mild natural scent–no essential oil scents added.  Organically grown and sustainably handmade by us in Hawaii, this oil has natural antimicrobial (bacteria and fungus fighting) and antioxidant (cell age slowing) properties. Our virgin coconut oil is handmade in small batches and is the key ingredient in our products.  Suitable for all ages, skin, and hair types including sensitive skin.

It is normal for virgin coconut oil to solidify below 65-70ºF (18-21ºC). It will liquefy on your skin or when the container is put in a warm place.  Virgin coconut oil is white as a solid and water-clear as a liquid.

1oz & 2oz pump bottles

Intended for topical use only on skin, hair and nails.