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Unscented Coco Aloe Lotion

Was: $8.50
Now: $6.50
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Just Coco Unscented Coco Aloe Lotion is a pure, unscented skin treat.  On SALE for $6.50!

Made from organic aloe juice and virgin coconut oil blended together with an olive oil based emulsifier.  This light textured, unscented moisturizer quickly absorbs into skin.  Contains grapefruit seed extract and vitamin e as natural preservatives.

USE: Squeeze a dime-quarter sized amount into palm and massage into skin and nails in a circular motion.  Also works as a great scalp moisturizer or light hair styling aid.

Try all entire Coco Aloe Lotion collection including Grapefruit Coco Aloe Lotion and Helios SPF25 Coco Aloe Lotion.

4oz tube bottle

Intended for topical use only on body.